Parent - Child Playgroups

While each of our Family Resource Centers are often open to the public for free play, we also offer structured Parent-Child Playgroups at specific times. These playgroups, for families with children aged from birth to 5 years, are free of charge, with no need to register in advance. Each center is stocked with age appropriate toys, and center staff plan new skill building activities for each structured playgroup. Playgroups offer children a welcoming, safe, nurturing and fun opportunity to build on social skills such as sharing, turn taking, participating in a small group, and being a friend! Participating in “Circle Time” provides children with a soft introduction to the group learning experience, and ample free play time gives them a chance to explore play with others, as well as engage in sensory activities and explore art materials. As children practice the important skills of waiting and sharing, they begin to learn to regulate their emotions towards those experiences.

Parents and caregivers at playgroup also develop social connections through their own friendly and supportive interactions!

Sample Playgroup Schedule:

10am-11am - Free Play
11am-11:15am - Circle Time
11:15am-11:30am - Snack and a Story
11:30am-12pm - More Free Play

To help foster a positive atmosphere in the play area, we ask everyone to follow these rules:

  • Use words not actions to tell us your feelings
  • Treat each other kindly, with respect
  • Wash hands after using the bathroom
  • Keep hands/feet to yourself
  • Listen to others who are talking
  • Work together to pick up the toys
  • Use inside voices and gentle hands
  • Use your walking feet
  • Wash hands before you eat
  • Think before you act

See the playgroup schedule at our Family Resource Centers...

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