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Professional Development Programs
General Monthly Training
•  A variety of training opportunities that will meet one or more NYS OCFS training topics
•  May be eligible for EIP grants to cover the cost
•  Contact Ann Fraser at 561-4999 or cccouncil@primelink1.net

SUNY Video Conferences
•  Live video conferences are available to viewing from 6:45pm until 9:15pm
•  Free of charge
•  Topics are varied
•  Dates, information and registration available HERE
•  Held at 3 locations:
     o  Child Care Council, Plattsburgh
     o  ACAP, Elizabethtown
     o  Families ‘R Us, Malone

Child Development Associate (CDA) Preparatory Program
•  Nationally recognized professional credential for individuals working in the early childhood field
•  120 training hours meet NYS OCFS training requirements and may be eligible for college credit
•  Takes your professional development to the next step!
•  Contact Ann Fraser for more information at (518)561-4999 or email cccouncil@primelink1.net

Medication Administration Training (MAT)
•  In order for child care providers to administer medication to children in their care, the 8 hour skills based MAT training must be completed along with CPR & 1st Aid and an approved health care plan.
•  Contact Laura Jennings for more information - (518)561-4999 or email her at ljennings7@charter.net
•  Or contact SUNY at https://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu/index.asp

Health and Safety
•  15 hour class meets NYS OCFS training requirements
•  Fee charged
•  Offered in Malone and Plattsburgh
•  Contact Chris Danussi at (518)561-6310 or via email at daunssica@jceo.org

CPR & 1st Aid
•  Cost varies from training agency to training agency
•  Classes are offered independently through agencies such as American Red Cross, CVPH, Alice Hyde Medical Center, local fire departments etc.
•  Child care providers/programs can take the required CPR & 1st Aid training through any agency as long as the training is Adult AND Pediatric CPR, 1st Aid and AED

Annual August Training Week
•  Offers morning, afternoon and evening training that meets NYS OCFS training topics
•  Fees vary,  EIP grants may cover costs associated
•  Seats are limited, offered on a first registered basis

Education Incentive Program
•  Scholarship funding to participate in training available through scholarship program funded by NYS OCFS
•  Scholarship is to assist child care providers in paying for professional development training and education they need to provide quality child care to children
•  For more information or to apply, visit https://www.ecetp.pdp.albany.edu/apply.shtm or call 1(800)295-9616

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